New Groups (2009 - 2011): Post Punk, Anarcho Punk, Goth Punk, etc…

Yesterday while surfing on internet, I found this great post on a russian website.

It is a collection of new bands like post punk, anarcho punk, goth and some other genres that im not sure what that is..  anyways, is great, …who did this first wow and second thanks alot! I need to share this now!!

I´m sure we all know a lot listed here, but we can also found really interesting ones, give it a try ;) if you have the time!

Don´t forget to support this bands as well :)

Here we go:

- 1981 [anarcho-punk, post-punk]
- Alaric: [doom metal, deathrock]
- Arctic Flowers [anarcho-punk, goth punk]:
- Autonomy [anarcho-punk, goth punk]
- Bad Life [Experimental & Psychedelic Post-Punk, with black/doom/shoegaze influences]
- Belgrado: [goth punk]
- Bestial Mouths [goth punk]
- Black Math [grave wave]
- Blue Cross: [goth punk]
- Bright Creatures [noisy post-punk]
- Broken Water [post-punk, shoegaze, noise rock]
- Cat Party: [post-punk, new wave, punk]
- Cemetery [goth punk, deathrock]
- Cold Death: [goth punk, post-punk]
- Cold Showers [garage, dark post-punk]
- Cross Stitched Eyes: [crust, deathrock, anarcho-punk]
- Dead Eyes [goth punk]
- Dead Luke [ lo-fi post-punk]
- Deathday Party [post-punk, synthpunk, noise rock]
- Deathcharge [crust goth]
- Dekoder [anarcho-punk, goth punk]
- Dick Dog [lo-fi goth]
- Dream Affair: [post-punk, goth, wave]
- Dystopian Society: [goth punk]
- Effi Briest [post-punk, psychedelic rock]
- EUC [electro-goth, post-punk, industrial]
- Felt Drawings [minimal synth, post-punk, noise pop]
- FUNERALS [grave wave, electro wave]
- Haldol [goth punk, hadcore]
- Gape Attack! [lo-fi darkwave]
- Gestapo Khazi [Surf punk, post-punk]
- Grave Babies [lo-fi goth]
- Group Hex [post-punk, minimal synth]
- Fire in the Hearts and Minds [dark post-punk, grunge]
- Hanging Coffins [noise rock, post-punk, psychedelic, goth]
- Horrid Red [dark post-punk, synth punk, krautrock]
- Iceage: [Post-Punk, hardcore punk]
- Knit Witch [Lo-fi goth, noise, drone, psychedelic]
- La Corde [post-punk, goth punk]
- Larve [goth punk, darkwave]
- Lost Tribe [goth punk]
- Masquer [post-punk, shoegaze, goth]
- Melting Walkmen [goth punk]
- Merchandise: [indie, punk, post-punk, goth]
- Mushy [grave wave]
- Night Sins: [goth punk, post-punk, horror punk]
- Orca Team: [post-punk, 60’s]
- Penetration Panthers [‘skate-rock-goth-punk thrashers’]
- Petra Schelm http://hotfile. com/dl/107524390/41ee325/petra-schelm-warm-hands-split-rar.html
- Phonecalls [grunge, post-punk, goth]
- Pleasure Leftists: [post-punk]
- Principe Valiente: [goth, post-punk, new wave, shoegaze]
- Psychic Blood [dark punk, noisy post-punk, grunge]
- Population: [goth punk]
- Puerto Rico Flowers: [post-punk, synthpop, goth]
- Rosenkopf [Darkwave, industrial, goth rock, black metal]
- S.C.U.M [post-punk, noise rock, the new thing]
- Salvation [hardcore, deathrock]
- Sedatives: [post-punk, depressive garage punk]
- Sex Church [garage, noise, psych, goth punk]
- Shoppers [Dark noise punk]:
- Silk Flowers [post-punk, new wave, darkwave]
- Slug Guts: [goth, post-punk, garage]
- Soft Kill: [post-punk, goth]
- Spectres: [goth, post-punk]
- Staring Problem: [post-punk, goth rock]
- Suicide Party [post-punk, goth, noise rock]
- Tamaryn [shoegaze, dream pop, psychedelic, new wave, gothic rock]
- Teenage Panzerkorps [post-punk, kraut runk, art punk]
- The Bellicose Minds: [goth punk, post-punk]
- The Dead Souls [post-punk]
- The Estranged: [post-punk, punk, post-hardcore]
- The Funeral And The Twilight [post-punk, goth, shoegaze, jazz]
- The Gift [funeral grunge, deathrock, goth, noise rock]
- The Men: [post-punk, new wave, punk, hardcore, psychedelic, garage]
- The Skull Defekts: [post-punk, noise rock, goth, drone]
- Tidemouth: [goth-violence, screamo, depressive hardcore]
- Ulterior: [post-punk, goth, experimental]
- Vivid Sekt [anarcho-punk, dark punk]
- Voyvoda [martial industrial, darkwave, goth rock, horror punk, crust]
- Wax Idols
- Warm Hands http://hotfile. com/dl/107524390/41ee325/petra-schelm-warm-hands-split-rar.html
- Wizzard Sleeve [garage, post-punk, goth]
- XAXAXA [punk, post-punk]
- Xray Eyeballs [post-punk, dark punk, lo-fi]

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* some links seems to be broken :/ so it will be up to you after that! ;)

* if necessary let me know if I should erase something listed here

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